About Credea

International Reach

With a strong core of highly experienced credit insurance brokers Credea offers a true international perspective to your trade credit requirements.  The association boasts over 2,000 clients worldwide accounting for over 75 billion Euros in credit insured global sales serviced by 28 strategically located offices. This success is a direct result of the strong service ethos close to the heart of each member, while the independent nature of Credea’s membership brings to each client a depth of trade credit insurance knowledge that will be the envy of many larger organisations. 

Local Service

Credea operates a robust membership charter which ensures that each client will receive the highest levels of broking service available in the locality. Credit Insurance global rates are normally negotiated in the domicile of our client’s Head Office with sub policies being issued at local offices reflecting the specific service and insurance needs relevant to each individual subsidiary.

Knowledge and Expertise

Credea members consist of over 100 insurance specialists spread over 40 countries having accumulated over 600 years of combined trade credit expertise. National CEOs have all built up their own credit insurance broking business after learning the trade at relevant credit insurance underwriters all around the globe.

Size and Influence

Credea members are well regarded by the national offices of each of the underwriters due to their dynamism and client focussed attitude. The combined influence of each of these credit management leaders guarantees that their clients have an unsurpassed degree of leverage with trade credit underwriters over rates and terms.