Trade Credit Insurance

Credit Insurance policies provide protection for companies against the insolvency or default of their trade credit customers, however, the benefits of credit insurance policies are not limited to indemnification of bad debts. Credit insurance underwriters invest heavily in business information as the basis to evaluate risk, helping you to grow your business in safely. Credit insurance also provides the key to additional funding by adding security to this key asset.   

Political Risk Insurance

Export trade carries the additional risk that acts of government might frustrate payment on contracts correctly delivered and this is often manifested by currency regulations, currency shortage and in extreme cases by the failure of public buyers. Some underwriters will also include force majeur incidents within this insurable cause of loss.

Working Capital Finance

Credea members have all forged close working relationships with Banks, Factors and other receivables finance companies and have the detailed knowledge of these products. On the surface these products may appear similar but Credea can work with you to decide which organisation is best placed to match your specific trade finance requirements.

Collections & Credit Management

The importance of managing the sales ledger has never been so important. Credea members have a broad knowledge of the many different services or software solutions that are available to you. Whether you are seeking assistance with the collection of overdue debts, the implementation of complete or partial credit control outsourcing or seeking to implement  new credit control software you should first seek guidance from your local Credea associate.

Business Information Reports

Whether you choose to trade with or without the protection of trade credit insurance, knowledge of your buyer`s financial rating is vital. Information levels and standards do vary from market to market. Our local presence affords you support from an expert in the local area.